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So long, 2013 (a reflection)

I haven't been on here in a long time. I haven't written personally, but as a few of my college professors loved to say about writing, "It's in me, and it gots to get out."

I'm getting back into the blogging scene in 2014 (here or maybe on a different platform), and I figured a good way to kick in a renewed habit is to kick out 2013 with a few words. Since lists are ALL THE RAGE at the local paper, this post will be presented in list form.

This year was kind of a transitional one for me. It was better than 2012 and, hopefully, not as good as the year ahead.

2013, in lists and categories.


5. A lot of my friends from college still get together. Aside from one exception, I keep in touch with pretty much everyone and see them when I can. In 2013, I (finally) went out to the bars in Allegany, took in a play and got soaked while camping in a consistently heavy rain. It was a blast.

4. Two of my good friends from high school moved out. Far out. One left for San Francisco to try and get in with an animation studio. The other enlisted in the Navy and left for training. It brought about a series of farewell tours and last times together, etc. My San Francisco friend came back, though, and the guy in the Navy is home for a little bit. Although the former didn't reach his goal, it was very inspiring to see someone chase his dreams to the point of moving across the country.

3. I broke news. A lot of the area's high school coaches know who I am. Same with the writers from the area. My career is starting to take shape, and I'm a lot more comfortable around my coworkers and people around the office. A lot of that is because ...

2. I got a full-time job! In the middle of the summer, I became a full-time sportswriter/digital content manager over at the newspaper. The adjustment was actually more difficult than I thought it would be -- I love the writing and reporting part. The digital side? It's exciting to be a part of the next generation of journalists and play an active role in figuring out how the industry is moving forward, but the open-endedness of it all is very frustrating. There are no set hours, and I'm always saying to myself, "Am I Tweeting enough? I'm not Tweeting enough." And the person who I replaced -- he went digital on the news side -- has been pretty tough on me.

However, the job has already taken me some pretty cool places and given me some awesome experiences so far. It's definitely a big step for my career, and I was finally able to get out of fast food.

1. I rescued a kitten. She was stuck down in a storm drain outside McDonald's. The fire department came, but as soon as the fireman took the grate off and climbed down, the kitten scurried into the tiny tunnels. After my shift -- I still worked at McDonald's at the time -- the manager and I pulled off the grate, and I sat in the drain until the kitten came out (I encouraged her with shoestrings from the old sneakers I was wearing).

I scooped up the kitten -- she was less than four weeks old by the vet's estimation -- grabbed some formula, took her to the vet and kept her in my room until she got comfortable. The kitten, Storm, is now almost eight months old and a welcome addition to the family. Even the 10-year-old cat likes her.

Three Lowlights

Pop-pop, my grandfather on my mom's side of the family, had a stroke. It wasn't clear that he was going to make it for a while. He's in a nursing home now, and things have definitely changed in the family.

2. My aunt and uncle separated, and they were pretty much the most "in love" couple in the family. If things didn't work out for them, what chances do any of us have?

3. My step-grandmother passed away. She married into the family pretty late, so I didn't know her my whole life. I really liked her, though. She was a relative I always enjoyed visiting (although I didn't do it as often as I should have.)

Best Read: I reread The Great Gatsby. It's my all-time favorite book, and I wanted it fresh in my mind before the movie came out. I still haven't seen the movie.

Best Movie: The Purge. I know a lot of people were kind of disappointed by it, given the potential scope the premise leads itself to, but I really enjoyed it.

Best Song: I have to go with "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore. It's hard to believe it came out in 2013, but it's just a fun song.

Food I got into this year: I became a coffee drinker, or more of one, at least. I made the transition from sugary drinks with a hint of coffee to drinks that have a more coffee flavor. Man, I'm growing up.

TV Show: I discovered and binge-watched the first season of The Newsroom.

Sports moment: This Eagles season has been a lot of fun. I also went to the Phillies' last game before the All-Star break. It was pretty much the highlight of the Phillies' season.


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Jan. 2nd, 2014 03:52 am (UTC)
Congratulations on the full-time gig, Tim.
Jan. 2nd, 2014 04:56 am (UTC)
Thank you! I have quite a few updates that I should send your way (if you'd like). Hope you had a good semester. I caught you on The Buzz a few times.
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